Solve Time Critical Database Issues

Expert Database Consulting – Solve Time Critical Issues


Ascent Technology’s strong pool of highly skilled Database Administrators and Consultants allows the company to engage in Expert Database Consulting while ensuring that its Database Co/Outsourcing clients have excellent service. The company is often brought in under emergency conditions to Solve Time Critical Issues or to resolve challenges that have proved beyond a clients’ in-house capabilities or resources.

Ascent Technology is able to bring to bear a cross-section of expert skills and experience to ensure a speedy resolution.

Database Consulting Services are supplied to carry out:

  • Database High Availability
    • Database Clustering
    • Database Replication
    • Database Mirroring
    • Disaster Recovery
  • Database Performance Tuning
    • Database I/O Tuning
    • Database Management System Tuning
    • Database Backend SQL Tuning
  • Database Security
    • Database Vulnerability Assessments
    • Database Compliance
    • Database Abstraction
    • Database activity monitoring
  • Database Consulting
    • Database and Database Server Consolidation
    • Database Virtualization
    • Data and Database Migration
    • Data Architecting and Modeling
    • Data-Model Reverse-Engineering
    • Backend SQL Development
  • Integration Services
    • Construct and Manage Integration Packages
    • Data Integration and Transformation between heterogeneous environments
  • Reporting Services
    • Create, Deploy and Manage Reports
    • Publish and Export Reports
    • Schedule Report Processing and Access Reports on-demand

These Database Consulting Services are delivered on a time and materials, or on a fixed fee basis.

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