Clients benefit from Data Platform Modernisation

Ascent Technology’s clients benefit from Data Platform Modernisation


Facing platform ‘end of life’ issues together with increasing pressures to digitise processes, increase profitability and innovate on product and service, organisations are finding Data Platform Modernisation projects can deliver significant value by enabling IT cost reductions together with improved service levels and increased agility.

An effective platform modernisation project factors in a combination of architecture refresh, together with software upgrades and targeted application remediation to deliver a platform that offers the optimum combination of TCO, performance and business innovation.

Ascent Technology has years of experience in this arena, and we have brought our specialist knowledge and data platform skills to bear on a wide range of successful projects. These projects have all delivered substantial strategic benefits to our clients.

Examples of such projects can be seen here:

Growthpoint Properties

Growthpoint Properties turns to Ascent technology for Data Platform Modernisation and Cloud Advisory Services.

“What began as a contractual service related to the Maintenance and Support of our Database Environment, along with Data Platform Consulting Services, has now led to the delivery of an optimised Microsoft Azure Cloud Environment that provides us with consistency, continuity and flexibility.” – Chief Information Officer at Growthpoint Properties

Growthpoint Properties Case Study

Insure Group Managers

Longstanding partnership delivers value across a wide range of Managed Database and BI, Consulting and Support Services.

“Ascent has not only taken over the responsibility of managing our entire database environment, but has also been instrumental in modernising our broader data platform, including assisting us in moving to a hybrid cloud architecture. This has provided us with scalability, flexibility and agility, as well as the automation necessary to eliminate the need for manual inputs.” – IT Infrastructure Manager at Insure Group Managers

Insure Group Managers Case Study

Primedia Broadcasting

Primedia Broadcasting outsources Database Administration and Consulting Services to Expert Database Infrastructure Company Ascent Technology.

“Since our Database Technology Environment is mixed, we required a partner with Heterogeneous Database Skills. Ascent’s understanding of Complex Mixed Database Technology Environments, and the fact that it is more than capable of providing us with the skills required to manage such environments, meant that it was a good fit for our needs.”

“With this project we will be continuing our focus on further transforming from on-premises Systems to Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service,” – Head of Technology at Primedia Broadcasting

Primedia Broadcasting Case Study

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