Ascent Technology offers end-to-end, cost effective, Managed Database and BI, Consulting and Support Services. These services are structured to allow clients the flexibility to choose the engagement model which suits their needs.

Ascent Technology fosters a heterogeneous database technology strategy. Our specialised database skills enable us to service and support complex mixed technology environments – including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB and Sybase.

Database Administration Co/OutsourcingProposed on a fixed monthly cost basis, Ascent’s Database Administration and Support Service offers clients a way to outsource or co-source the day-to-day management, maintenance and support of their databases on a 24/7 basis.

This service is implemented on a remote and on-site basis, with active management and preventative maintenance, ensuring a reliable, robust and optimally performing database environment.

This service, which protects clients from potential disasters and unnecessary downtime, can be extended to monitor application specific tasks or database batch jobs.

Ascent’s Database Administration and Support Service consists of three components, namely:

  • Proactive Management
  • Reactive Management
  • Management Reporting

Ascent Technology’s business model makes use of economies of scale to deliver excellent service while ensuring affordability.

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Database Administration and Support Service

Database Resource ContractingProposed on a fixed-cost or time-and-materials basis, Ascent Technology offers its Database Administration Co/Outsourcing clients a way to supplement on-site resources with highly skilled, certified professionals.

Ascent Database and BI professionals are available either on a:

Project Basis: resources are provided to meet the specific requirements of a project for periods from three to twenty-four months; or

Period Basis: resources are provided for a period of time (minimum six months) and fall under the direct management of the Client.

Database ConsultingAscent Technology’s strong pool of highly skilled Database and BI Consultants allows the company to engage in Expert Database and BI Consulting while ensuring that its Database Co/Outsourcing clients have excellent service. The company is often brought in under emergency conditions to solve time critical issues or to resolve challenges that have proved beyond a clients’ in-house capabilities or resources.

Ascent Technology is able to bring to bear a cross-section of expert skills and experience to ensure a speedy resolution.

Database Consulting Services are supplied to carry out:

  • Database High Availability
    • Database Clustering
    • Database Replication
    • Database Mirroring
    • Disaster Recovery
  • Database Performance Tuning
    • Database I/O Tuning
    • Database Management System Tuning
    • Database Backend SQL Tuning
  • Database Security
    • Database Vulnerability Assessments
    • Database Compliance
    • Database Abstraction
    • Database activity monitoring
  • Database Consulting
    • Database and Database Server Consolidation
    • Database Virtualization
    • Data and Database Migration
    • Data Architecting and Modeling
    • Data-Model Reverse-Engineering
    • Backend SQL Development

BI Consulting Services are supplied to carry out:

  • Integration Services
    • Construct and Manage Integration Packages
    • Data Integration and Transformation between heterogeneous environments
  • Reporting Services
    • Create, Deploy and Manage Reports
    • Publish and Export Reports
    • Schedule Report Processing and Access Reports on-demand
  • BI Consulting
    • Dashboards and Balanced Scorecards
    • Data Warehousing
    • Data Mining
    • Data Quality and Profiling
    • Master Data Management

These Consulting Services are delivered on a time and materials, or on a fixed fee basis.

Database Software License ConsultingOne of the major costs associated with IT Solutions is software licensing and the managing thereof. Furthermore, while software licensing is a significant asset, it can be problematic for many clients.

Ascent Technology is focused on ensuring that its clients obtain the most cost effective database software licensing metric possible in relation to the client’s needs. Due to Ascent’s close relationship with database vendors, Ascent has a comprehensive knowledge of database software licensing.

As Ascent Technology has a services annuity revenue based business model, it does not depend on software licensing sales or fees to make its income. This means that Ascent has no conflict of interests in respect of software licensing procurement at its clients. This fact ensures that the Ascent’s clients get 100% objective and conflict free advice when it comes to database software licensing metric assessments and recommendations.

Enterprise database ManagementFacing platform ‘end of life’ issues together with increasing pressures to digitise processes, increase profitability and innovate on product and service, organisations are finding Data Platform Modernisation projects can deliver significant value by enabling IT cost reductions together with improved service levels and increased agility.

An effective platform modernisation project factors in a combination of architecture refresh, together with software upgrades and targeted application remediation to deliver a platform that offers the optimum combination of TCO, performance and business innovation.

  • Database Upgrade and Database Server Consolidation
    Provides clients with the ability to leverage newer technologies to reduce license footprints whilst improving robustness and efficiency of the database environment. The consolidated environment results in reduced hardware, operational and licensing costs.

  • Database High Availability
    Provides clients with the ability to have a robust, maximum uptime database environment. This is achieved by the implementation of a number of methodologies and technologies. These include clustering, mirroring, replication and disaster recovery.

  • Hybrid Database Solutions
    Provides clients with the flexibility to run database workloads, business critical applications and services in their own Private Cloud, the Public Cloud or a combination of Private and Public Cloud. Delivering high availability, allocate resources dynamically, and automate management of applications and infrastructure.