Business intelligence with SQL Server 2016

Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2016


Realise your data’s potential, upgrade to SQL Server 2016 to bring new built-in capabilities to your database-from analytics to data warehousing.

Better decisions start with better business insights

Gain deeper insight into your data. Bring together powerful business intelligence (BI) capabilities in SQL Server 2016, Azure Analysis Services, and Power BI to transform your complex data into business insights and share across your organisation.

Five reasons why you will Love Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions
1. Transform your data

Create powerful, scalable data models to turn complex data into actionable insights that can be easily understood.

2. Access any data

Connect to virtually any data of any size, whether in the cloud or on-premises. No data movement is required.

3. Deliver insights anywhere

Let business users connect to and analyse data-sharing insights on the web, mobile devices, or custom applications.

4. Modernise enterprise reporting

Scale your reporting solution-deliver insights to thousands of users with an enterprise-ready reporting platform.

5. Create interactive reports

Quickly generate and share rich, interactive reports that help you better visualise and analyse your data.

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Evaluate SQL Server 2016 with the SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database Trials

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We encourage you to Contact Us, and we will assist you on your journey to discover the value that Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions can add to your organisation.

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