Microsoft Azure DocumentDB

Azure DocumentDB, now supported by Ascent Technology


Azure DocumentDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service built for fast and predictable performance, high availability, elastic scaling, global distribution, and ease of development. As a schema-free NoSQL database, DocumentDB provides rich and familiar SQL query capabilities with consistent low latencies on JSON data.

Six reasons why you will Love Azure DocumentDB
1. Guaranteed low latency

Azure DocumentDB guarantees less than 10 ms latencies on reads and less than 15 ms latencies on writes for at least 99% of requests. DocumentDB leverages a write-optimized, latch-free database engine designed for high-performance solid-state drives to run in the cloud at global scale. Read and write requests are always served from your local region while data can be distributed to other regions across the globe.

2. Achieve limitless scale for NoSQL databases

Scale data throughput and storage independently and elastically—not just within one region, but across many geographically distributed regions. Add capacity to serve millions of requests per second at a fraction of the cost of other popular NoSQL databases.

3. Replicate data globally

Easily build apps at planet scale without the hassle of complex, multiple data center configurations. Designed as a globally distributed database system, DocumentDB automatically replicates all of your data to any number of regions worldwide. Your apps can serve data from a region closest to your users for fast, uninterrupted access.

4. Benefits of SQL and JavaScript, schema-free

Query using familiar SQL and JavaScript syntax over document and key-value data without dealing with schema or secondary indices, ever. Azure DocumentDB is a truly schema-agnostic database capable of automatically indexing JSON documents. Define your business logic as stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions entirely in JavaScript, and have them executed directly inside the database engine.

5. More choices for consistency

Instead of offering extreme choices between strong and eventual consistencies, DocumentDB offers four well-defined consistency levels-strong, bounded staleness, session, and eventual-for an intuitive programming model with low latency and 99.99 percent availability in the face of local and regional failures.

6. Enterprise grade SLAs

Focus on your application without having to deal with database infrastructure. Create a collection for data, set your throughput, and let DocumentDB handle the rest. Plus, DocumentDB uniquely offers transparent region homing for continuous operations with 99.99 percent availability in the face of failures.

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