Database Security and Compliance

How to provide Threat Protection and Database Auditing for Compliance needs


Key Questions: Where is my crucial Data? What is happening to the Data? Who is accessing the Data? Is the Data private and secure? Can I report on this?

Every year at audit time, CIOs and IT managers are faced with the headaches created by the need to report accurately on the year’s database environment activity, particularly with regards to security and compliance.

The McAfee Database Activity and Monitoring tool is a highly cost effective solution that delivers immediate results and assists organisations to address these specific pain points. During the past year, Ascent Technology has witnessed an increase in the uptake of this tool, having completed a number of successful implementations for clients.

What sets the McAfee tool apart is the fact that delivering proof-of-concept takes just one day, and the solution can be fully configured in less than a month. The end result of this is immediate access to and full visibility and control of your database environment.

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