Tackling Table Partitioning at the SQL Server User Group


As a regular attendee and contributor to the Microsoft SQL Server User Group, Ascent Technology was proud to sponsor the latest meeting, while also providing some useful tips to other group members.

“The group is in effect a community which was started by some Microsoft employees with the goal of sharing information and new techniques around SQL servers. Ascent has been involved in the group from the beginning, so it was nice to get a chance to share some interesting information with the other members,” says Shaun Wickstrom, a Database Engineer who delivered Ascent’s presentation.

“Table Partitioning on these servers involves taking a large amount of data and splitting it into more manageable chunks. This is easy to do with the new versions of SQL, provided you know how. However, not many people do, which is why I felt this was an appropriate topic to discuss.”

Wickstrom says that it is clearly an issue of major interest to SQL users, as there were approximately three times as many people as usual at the meeting. “Obviously it means we have our finger on the pulse with regards to SQL servers, which definitely makes us happy”