SQL Server Deployment Planning Services

Microsoft Software Assurance SQL Server Deployment Planning Services


Did you know that as a certified Microsoft SQL Server Deployment Planning Services (SSDPS) partner: Ascent Technology can work with qualifying clients, to help build a custom deployment plan, and Microsoft pays for the engagement.

Whether you’re creating a business intelligence solution, migrating from Oracle, or upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server, SSDPS can help you start realizing the benefit of your IT investment today.

The Planning Services Benefits of Microsoft Software Assurance are designed to help guide clients through the deployment and business value planning stages of software implementation. Planning Services engagements are conducted by certified partners who share best practices, analyse the clients’ organisational environment, and help create comprehensive deployment and implementation plans.

These engagements are designed to help clients upgrade the latest version of SQL Server. There are five offerings available: 1, 3, 5, 10 or 15 days in length. Each engagement has different deliverables.

As the Planning Services are part of Microsoft Software Assurance, and the partners thus are compensated by Microsoft, these services come at no further cost to qualifying clients.

We have already offered this service to a number of clients in the past and would be only too happy to explore doing the same for you.

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