Database Security and Compliance

Ascent launches Guardium – Real Time Database Activity Monitoring roadshow


The security, privacy and integrity of a company’s information has always been critical, now compliance issues raised in new legislation such as PCI DSS, POPI and the new Companies and Consumer Protection Acts simply take this to a new level.

Any company that has difficulty in answering any of the following questions has reason to be concerned: Do you know where your crucial information is and what is happening to it? Are you aware of exactly who is accessing it and are you able to report on this? Are you aware of all the business and legislative implications of data leaving your organisation? Are you familiar with the challenges posed by risk mitigation and the risk of data fraud?

If you think you need answers to any of the above questions, you should be part of Ascent Technology’s IBM InfoSphere Guardium Real Time Database Activity Monitoring roadshow.

Guardium is designed to avert cyber attacks, proactively monitor activity within the database environment and prevent database leaks. It can also identify end user fraud, monitor and prevent malicious activity by privileged users. Initial reaction to this new solution has been so positive that Ascent Technology will be launching its roadshow on 9 May 2011, in order to elaborate on all the benefits Guardium can provide, as well as how this solution can assist with the growing compliance requirements.

We will have two IBM international Guardium experts on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding this exciting offering. If you are tired of dealing with all the complexity around the new regulations or have any concerns regarding your data protection, contact Ascent Technology now to be a part of our exciting roadshow.

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