Database Security and Compliance

Ascent Technology expands offering to include real time database activity auditing


Ascent’s clients can now also gain access to the newest revolution in the database arena – IBM’s InfoSphere Guardium Real Time Database Activity Monitoring. Guardium is a simple and robust solution that is designed to ensure the privacy and integrity of a company’s information.

This new offering is able to both avert cyber attacks, by proactively monitoring activity within the database, as well as to prevent database leaks. It is also capable of identifying end user fraud and of monitoring and preventing malicious activity by privileged users, such as database administrators, developers and outsourced personnel. Additionally, it is able to assist organisations to reduce costs, through its ability to automate the entire compliance auditing process in a heterogeneous database environment.

Security and compliance are always key concerns in a business, especially when talking about the organisation’s information and intellectual property. Therefore, Ascent is looking forward to taking its clients’ database security to the next level, thanks to this revolutionary new technology.