From the Desk of the MD

From the Desk of the MD – December 2010

From the Desk of the MD

Welcome to the final Ascent newsletter for 2010. As everyone gets fully into the holiday mood of the Festive Season, we feel that the end of year presents the perfect time to reflect on the recent past and consider the future year.

As far as 2010 was concerned, it was certainly an eventful year, and one which proved to be something of a mixed bag of both highs and challenges for everyone. As South Africans, we were all able to bask in the enormous success of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which enhanced South Africa’s reputation enormously.

Of course, while we had highs such as this, they were accompanied by challenges as well. The most notable of these was the protracted economic “slow go” facing not only South Africa, but the rest of the world as well.

Looking ahead

Looking forward towards 2011, it is our view that these challenges are not yet over, and we can fundamentally expect more of the same. However, while we cannot expect a major boom in the market, we do believe there will be moderate growth next year.

From Ascent’s perspective, we remain positive about our company’s future. We are also anticipating more of the same in 2011, meaning that we will in all likelihood continue to experience the kind of growth and success we had during this past year.

We anticipate the year ahead to be a busy and exciting one, where we will continue our growth, acquire new clients and witness improved service delivery levels to our existing and new clients.

Thank you to all

Ascent has managed to go from strength to strength, despite the difficulties presented by the ongoing economic challenges. As you will have noticed from previous newsletters and news flashes, we experienced some impressive results over the course of 2010.

We have seen our business continue to improve and have been able to repeatedly build on our successes throughout this period. This stability has enabled us to continue to provide our customers with the service and value to which they have become accustomed.

However, we are well aware that our continued success is only due to the strength of the partnerships we have with our clients and our principles whom, along with our people, are the most valuable aspects of our business.

Bearing this in mind, I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks, gratitude and best wishes for the New Year to every one of Ascent’s clients, people and partners – we value every one of you and appreciate the role each of you have played in helping us to achieve the success we have during 2010.

The last word

I anticipate a similarly successful 2011 and would like to wish all of our customers, people and partners a joyous and fulfilling Festive Season.

Finally, I trust you all will have a happy and peaceful holiday, and if you are travelling over this period, have a safe and uneventful journey. We will all start afresh in 2011!

By: Johan Lamberts