Ascent Technology – Microsoft Data Platform Partner of the Year

Awards and Accolades

Ascent Technology continues it’s strong showing in the Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards, having won the 2011 Data Platform Partner of the Year Award.

“It is always gratifying to be recognised by Microsoft as one of the leaders in the country in the Data Platform Space. The fact that Ascent has been nominated for four years in succession and now won the award is indicative of the fact that, amongst a wide range of Microsoft partners, we are consistently considered to be one of the leaders in the country in this particular space,” says Ascent Technology MD, Johan Lamberts.

The Microsoft Partner Network Awards 2011 were held at the Microsoft Partner Summit, which took place in Durban from 17 to 19 October. These awards are highly regarded by both Microsoft and its partners, as only those who have truly excelled in delivering Microsoft solutions over the previous year are nominated. Winning new customers, driving customer satisfaction, growing the business, innovation and enabling people are all factors taken into consideration by the judges.