Future of Database Administration

The future of Database Administration lies in Co/Outsourcing


The trend towards adopting a co-sourcing or outsourcing (Co/Outsourcing) model in respect of database administration is not a new one, but it is clearly growing rapidly. This is not surprising, since more and more organisations are implementing cost cutting measures and consolidation procedures. This, coupled with the growing skills shortage, makes it increasingly difficult for these businesses to acquire and retain people with the right level of expertise.

As a leader in the field of database administration and a company with a deep understanding of these environments, Ascent Technology is not at all surprised by this continued growth in the Co/Outsourcing trend.

Database administration is a specialised area, requiring specific expertise, so Co/Outsourcing offers organizations definite business benefits. Not only does it ensure that they are protected from potential disasters and unnecessary downtime, it also means they are assured of continuity in the skills required to administer the database environment.

Both co-sourcing and outsourcing have their place. Adopting a co-sourcing approach is ideal for those organisations that wish to retain ownership of their infrastructure, but need a database administration partner to manage and optimise the entire database operation. Outsourcing, whether delivered through a hosted environment or as a service through the cloud, removes the worries associated with hardware and licensing issues, while allowing the customer to retain ownership of its intellectual property. The database administration partner provides everything else.

Co/Outsourcing is also a very cost-effective option, which is one of the drivers behind its increasing uptake. Although the improved cost efficiencies may be driving the growth in Co/Outsourcing, the model also offers businesses a more reliable service, by virtue of making skilled database administrators available at all times.

In addition, it is recommended that when choosing a Co/Outsourcing partner, companies should ensure that the partner is skilled across the database technologies board. This means being able to deliver value-add services across heterogeneous database environments.

The Co/Outsourcing partner must be able to proactively manage, constantly service, maintain and optimise the database environment, to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. A good partner will also be able to leverage economies of scale to deliver true affordability, while nonetheless resolving complex issues in an expedient fashion. In these tough economic times database administration Co/Outsourcing is an option that should be on the radar of all CIOs.

It is a fact that most organisations require database administration, regardless of which model is utilised. Much has been made of the issue of in-house systems versus hosted solutions or those delivered as a service through the cloud. However, regardless of which approach you choose, one thing is absolutely certain – Co/Outsourcing is the way of the future for database administration.

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