Future of Database Administration

Co/Outsourcing is the future of Database Administration


The current economic situation is driving a greater number of organisations to consider cost cutting measures and to implement consolidation procedures. At the same time, the growing skills shortage makes it more difficult for these businesses to acquire and retain people with the right level of training.

Therefore, when it comes to the specialised area of database administration, many organisations are now turning to a Co/Outsourcing model. Ascent Technology is not surprised at this particular turn of events, as this way of doing business not only protects the client from potential disasters and unnecessary downtime, but also ensures continuity in the skills required to administer the database environment.

Because this Co/Outsourcing approach enables clients to retain ownership of their sites, intellectual property and equipment, while Ascent provides the skilled database personnel to manage and optimise the entire database operation, the company has seen a strong uptake from its customers in recent months.

This, in part, is due to the fact that the company continues to deliver even more value-add services to its customers with Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Azure Cosmos DB, PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB and Sybase database environments.

“Ascent’s clients are clearly finding additional value in the Co/Outsourcing model. Not only is it less expensive, but it also removes the necessity to source and retain the relevant specialised database skills,” says Ascent Technology’s MD, Johan Lamberts.

“A large number of our existing clients have already realised the enormous benefits that this model offers, and we expect many others to take note of the benefits it brings in the near future. After all, any business model that not only offers improved cost efficiencies, but which also provides a more reliable and consistent service, due to having a large number of skilled database administrators available at any one time, is one that requires serious consideration in these tough economic times.”

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