Cloud Data Management Solutions with SQL Server 2016

Cloud Data Management Solutions with SQL Server 2016


Extend your data-management capabilities with the power of the cloud. When you access trusted cloud database resources, you achieve the speed and scale you need, while reducing your hardware, maintenance, and administration costs.

Easy On-Ramp to Cloud Data

With Microsoft cloud data management solutions, you can create cost-effective, secure and highly scalable solutions in a private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid of the two. Integrate operations with data and services from virtually anywhere, using familiar tools for development and management.

SQL Server 2016 enables hybrid cloud solutions such as cloud backup and cloud high availability (HA) to reduce costs and improve on-premises disaster recovery. Leverage existing skills and familiar tools like Active Directory and SQL Server Management Studio across on-premises SQL Server and Microsoft Azure.

Have the flexibility to run your SQL Server workloads in Azure Virtual Machines (VM), giving you complete control of the VM. And in SQL Server 2016, you’ll be able to securely stretch large SQL Server tables to Azure with the ability to seamlessly query the data using Stretch Database technology, for cost-effective cold data availability.

Azure SQL Database is a fully managed service, ideal for building applications that can take advantage of massive cloud scale. With HA built-in and near-zero administration, SQL Database provides reliable, predictable performance.

Six reasons why you will Love Microsoft Cloud Data Management Solutions
1. Complement existing investments

Complement your existing on-premises investments with cloud scale while maintaining control of all your data assets through common management tools.

2. Lower cost of ownership

Lower total cost of ownership through decreased CAPEX and OPEX.

3. Reduce recovery times

Reduce recovery times and come back quickly from database outages with hybrid disaster recovery and backup to Azure.

4. Greater data protection

Achieve greater data protection using Azure’s geographic redundancy.

5. Develop once

Develop once and deploy to on-premises or cloud SQL Server environments.

6. Instant and affordable scale-out

Enable instant and affordable scale-out to thousands of databases and global reach backed by the power of the Azure platform.

SQL Sever 2005 Support EndsCloud Data Management Solutions with SQL Server 2016

Evaluate SQL Server 2016 with the SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL Database Trials

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